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Write. Bleed. And don’t mind the crowd

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed That’s what Ernest Hemingway said. But I suppose that he said it at a point where his bleeding had started to give him life.... Continue Reading →

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Book Review- The Purgatory of Half-Forgotten Riddles by John Raju

Reviews like these keep you motivated to write!! #debut_novel#review.
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// My life is a story I wouldn’t want to be reading again //
That’s the opening line of the book & I felt it an appropriate opening for the review to come.
The Purgatory of Half-Forgotten Riddles is as interesting as the title makes it sound like- which is definitely one of the reasons I picked it up. It is a story of Peter who’s at a stage in life where he feels ‘less cold in his heart, less old in his body & more bold in inviting death’. As is his annual ritual to spend alone time in his grandfather’s house (which also has an interesting story, btw), Peter has yet again taken a journey down the memory lane, recollecting the life he’s had. Through these musings we get to know more about him & his significant others.
This is one of those stories where…

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Why do I write?

Why do I write? What pushes me to do so? I think, first of all, that there exists this need in each and every one of us to express ourselves and each of us have a medium that we can... Continue Reading →

REVIEW : Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke

Childhood's End turned out to be a thought provoking novel for me especially because it explored ideas and themes that I'd often discussed around with a couple of friends - ideas of existence, the nature of life, the potential existence... Continue Reading →

Oh My God! – A short story(?)

God rubbed her forehead in dismay. The annual returns had shrunk further; only 67 souls had turned up. Are people just living longer or are more dead ones heading for Hell? The projected number for 2019 was one hundred and... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: '2001: A Space Odyssey'(Novel) by Arthur C. Clarke

I totally get why people who love this book, love it so intensely. It’s an outstanding piece of work. It so profoundly yet somewhat succinctly dwells on several themes in one piece of work; themes of evolution, survival, artificial intelligence,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW : 84, Charing Cross Road, by Helene Hanff

"Gentlemen:Your ad in the Saturday Review of Literature says that you specialize in out-of-print-books. The phrase "antiquarian booksellers" scares me somewhat, as I equate "antique" with expensive. I am a poor writer with an antiquarian taste in books and all... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag

A short yet stays-with-you-for-a-while read. The most outstanding aspect for me is how much depth and detail the author manages to pack into just a few pages. Ghachar Ghochar is a lyrically penned translation from Kannada that oozes quality over... Continue Reading →

REVIEW : The 7 and a half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton – A mystery masterclass!

I guess it’s fitting that I have a jumble of thoughts that I want to pen down about this book, but it’s all muddled up, and I find it hard to articulate adequately all I want to about reading this... Continue Reading →

Super Deluxe – Review of a movie worth a watch or two….and some personal reflections

Last year I had decided to be more deliberate about writing reviews of books that I read, almost immediately after I am done with them and before picking up the next book. I began seeing the benefits when I went... Continue Reading →

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