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Write. Bleed. And don’t mind the crowd

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed That’s what Ernest Hemingway said. But I suppose that he said it at a point where his bleeding had started to give him life.... Continue Reading →

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REVIEW: Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag

A short yet stays-with-you-for-a-while read. The most outstanding aspect for me is how much depth and detail the author manages to pack into just a few pages. Ghachar Ghochar is a lyrically penned translation from Kannada that oozes quality over... Continue Reading →

REVIEW : The 7 and a half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton – A mystery masterclass!

I guess it’s fitting that I have a jumble of thoughts that I want to pen down about this book, but it’s all muddled up, and I find it hard to articulate adequately all I want to about reading this... Continue Reading →

Super Deluxe – Review of a movie worth a watch or two….and some personal reflections

Last year I had decided to be more deliberate about writing reviews of books that I read, almost immediately after I am done with them and before picking up the next book. I began seeing the benefits when I went... Continue Reading →


Aspire....... To see a light where others see none To fight battles that can’t be won To walk when others are relentlessly on the run To speak the truth, even if you’re the only one Aspire....... To find the fragrance... Continue Reading →

What’s so great about cricket?

Cricket. Why am I so much in love with it? People find it pointless and I know it probably is. But the nuances and subtlety offered in this game is alluring to me.I will try putting into words what I... Continue Reading →

281 and Beyond : A masterpiece as good as the titular innings

His obvious respect for his peers, his observation of what to imbibe from each of them — Dravid’s quest for perfection, Ganguly’s never say die spirit, Kumble’s lionheartedness, Dhoni’s equanimity, Tendulkar’s commitment to and passion for his art, Sehwag’s happy go lucky style, Zaheer’s laidback demeanor inside a tough core — penned with much thought and oozing with candour, made me love this book quite a few feet deeper. Dravid once said at a LitFest that I attended in response to a query of when he would pen an autobiography that “if I write a book, it ought to be an honest book and that could invite unwanted attention and chaos for my family and myself. I am not ready to put them or myself through that. So no immediate plans to write one”. And Laxman’s memoir possesses that honesty.


I’m afraid, positively scared, terrified Of failing, losing, tripping, Of erred choices, of neutral stands Of good people who are wrong people   I’m scared, I’m  truly terrified Of joys that may not last Of my future, of my past... Continue Reading →

Dostoevsky and dessert

Today I discovered my Dostoevsky snack. I am someone who relishes something to soothe my taste buds while I read something engrossing or stimulating. And, while I had recognized this quirk of mine long before, until tonight I hadn’t reflected... Continue Reading →

Pink Floyd, Cloud Atlas and Elif Shafak

What connects The Wall by Pink Floyd, Cloud Atlas(the movie) and Forty Rules of Love (by Elif Shafak)? On the surface of it, what could a progressive rock band from the seventies, a convoluted movie based on a 2004 Man... Continue Reading →

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